"With the remote-controlled lighting, the gliding TV floating under the ceiling looks absolutely futuristic and is THE highlight in our home"

Video ScreenTrain, several meters slidable, 360 degree rotatable, tiltable and height-adjustable TV ceiling mount

Rotatable, sliding and tilting TV ceiling mount ScreenTrain
ScreenTrain, 360-degree rotating, sliding TV ceiling mount

ScreenTrain, the sliding TV ceiling mount

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The ScreenTrain TV ceiling mount: A new era of entertainment and living awaits you!

Immerse yourself in a world of flexibility and convenience with the innovative ScreenTrain TV mount.


ScreenTrain, the horizontally manually movable, 360 degree rotatable and tiltable TV ceiling mount on a rail system takes your TV from the dining area to the patio to your couch in just one movement.


Look forward to watching your favorite show while you cook, enjoying a game of soccer with your friends on the patio and in the evening, the TV perfectly positioned opposite your couch. Experience the increase in your quality of life when your TV seems to float weightlessly under the ceiling and the remote-controlled Atmosphere Light immerses your apartment in a unique ambience.


The ScreenTrain TV mount combines outstanding design with maximum flexibility and is suitable for discerning private customers as well as for use in offices and conference rooms as well as in restaurants.


Open up a completely new freedom of room design and enjoy the unprecedented flexibility of this TV mount. With horizontal mobility of several meters, 360 degree rotation, tilt adjustment and height lock, the ScreenTrain sets new standards in terms of flexibility and functionality.


Generate enthusiasm in you, your guests and customers through completely new dimensions of home and business entertainment... Nothing less is our claim


Watching TV on the terrace, the dining area, the pool ... kidnapped the TV from the couch position with just one movement...... ;-)

360 degree rotating TV ceiling mount ScreenTrain
360 degree rotating, sliding TV ceiling bracket ScreenTrain
rotatable, slidable, tiltable TV ceiling mount
TV ceiling bracket ScreenTrain, rotatable, slidable, tiltable

As can be seen above, the ScreenTrain TV mount can be surface-mounted on the ceiling or installed in a suspended ceiling. The ultra-flat housing makes both possible without any problems.

Unlike other products, the ScreenTrain offers this without exception:

  • High-end cabling of the latest technology integrated into the ScreenTrain, tested for durability
  • The ultra-flat housing, only 5.7 cm high, also ideal for casing (into a false ceiling)
  • A closed design made of anodised, brushed aluminium
  • The remote-controlled Atmosphere-Light gives your rooms a unique flair and can be ordered as an option. The colour of the lighting is freely selectable and dimmable.
  • The design cover for the back of the TV also gives the view of your TV from behind an appealing look