Digital school lessons possible with the ScreenTrain TV ceiling mount

The digital aspect of the ScreenTrain TV mount

Digital schooling" is on everyone's lips at the moment. The Corona pandemic has revealed the need for the digital expansion of the infrastructure in schools.

HP Design GmbH offers schools the ScreenTrain for the implementation of digital teaching. Using the ScreenTrain, a monitor up to 85 inches in size can be moved up to 3.6 metres below the ceiling as a blackboard and beamer replacement in the classroom.

The ScreenTrain can also be positioned parallel to the wall in order to use changing media in the classroom. The ScreenTrain is wired with all current digital interfaces so that laptops, tablets etc. can be connected. Both on-site and homeschooled students will thus receive the same lessons synchronously.


To date, 45 classrooms have already been equipped with a ScreenTain.

sliding TV ceiling bracket for schools
sliding TV ceiling mount for schools

ScreenTrain monitor mount in use at school

We would be happy to support your school in the implementation of modern, digital teaching. It would be a pleasure for us to develop a concept together with you.